Our voluntary services connect generations and cultures - the FSJ and the BFD

Voluntary service in the FSJ and BFD is always a worthwhile cause!

There are many good reasons to do voluntary service. And regardless of whether it is for professional orientation, to bridge waiting times during studies and apprenticeships or for reasons of social commitment - our volunteer positions offer a wide range of opportunities to get involved in social work.

The AWO Bezirksverband Mittelrhein is the responsible body in the FSJ and an independent organisational unit in the BFD. This means that we accompany people during their year of voluntary service in the FSJ and BFD in our affiliated outreach centres throughout the Middle Rhine.

For our volunteers, we provide advice and act as a partner in the joint pedagogical and personal support of the volunteers on site. In the practical fields of work of the volunteers, we are a reliable contact for both the supervising staff and the volunteers.

Together with our volunteer placement offices, we stand for the high quality standards of the AWO's voluntary services.

You can find information on the FSJ or BFD as well as on the places where volunteers are deployed here:

AWO-volunteer website

Contact persons: