We come to you - our mobile nursing care service

We are mobile. That's why you can also count on us if you need care at home.

We support you if you need help at home. Our nursing and care services include the following benefits in kind of the statutory care insurance (SGB XI):

  • body-related nursing procedures,

  • nursing care,

  • Assistance with financial management,

  • Relief services,

  • Training for caring relatives, if necessary

as well as services of treatment care on the basis of a medical prescription in accordance with SGB V (statutory health insurance).

The benefits of long-term care insurance can also be obtained through the payment of long-term care allowance. It is also possible to combine nursing benefits in kind and nursing allowance.

Health insurance benefits are provided by outpatient care services.

You will find further information under the heading “Nursing and care advice":

AWO-Nursing and care advice website

Are you looking for outpatient care services and social stations of the AWO on the Middle Rhine?

These can be found in the AWO-facilities database:

AWO-facilities database