Making big things happen, hand in hand - the district association AWO Mittelrhein

When people need help, the AWO with its district associations is there for them. In the heart of Germany, the Bezirksverband AWO am Mittelrhein e. V. is wholeheartedly committed to the cause.

  • We offer people in the region assistance to help themselves, advice and support services.

  • We are involved regardless of age, origin, faith, sexuality or education.

  • We support children, young people, adults, families, senior citizens, people with disabilities and people with a migration background.

  • We are a strong employer and proud of the diversity of the people who work for us in many different professions.

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Die AWO Mittelrhein fördert, begleitet und unterstützt Menschen jeder Generation, Nationalität, Religion und jeden Geschlechts. Sie ist demokratisch und föderativ aufgebaut. Sie verbindet freiwilliges Engagement mit professionellen Dienstleistungen.

In doing so, we do everything in our power to promote a socially just society with lively local relationships. On a political level, we also give socially disadvantaged people a voice. In order to achieve this, we work hand in hand with our many full-time and voluntary employees on site as a fair employer.

AWO Bezirksverband Mittelrhein — Unterstützung zur Bewältigung sozialer Probleme.