Together we are stronger - become a member of the AWO am Mittelrhein

You would like to support the AWO? The simplest form for this is a membership. Whether active and committed in local projects or passive with your contribution - you can always help us to help.

The basis of “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” (Workers' Welfare) is the personal members on site. At different levels and in different positions, they are involved in social policy, give impulses, exert influence, determine the principles of work and ensure comprehensive control.

Regardless of religion, gender, nationality and origin, the individual member can actively participate in shaping social processes. Working together to pursue goals that make the values of the AWO tangible in socio-political terms - this can be the reason for your membership in the AWO! We are pleased about everyone who would like to support people in need together with us.

The rights and duties of members are regulated in the respective statutes of the organisation.

By the way: There are many good reasons why it is worth becoming a member of the AWO

We have compiled some of these for you here:

  • Giving socio-political impulses and exerting influence

  • Organise neighbourhood assistance, help shape neighbourhood work

  • Social gatherings and leisure-oriented activities, participating and experiencing community, living a sense of unity with other interested people

  • Find new friends and comrades-in-arms

  • Launch projects for and with disadvantaged citizens

  • The facilities and services of the AWO support

  • Living our AWO values

  • Finding advice and exchange

  • The AWO offers support and insurance against accidents and damage if you are a member of the AWO and are active on a voluntary basis

  • Members can contribute their expertise and knowledge to the AWO and pass it on to others

  • Members of the AWO can influence the AWO as well as local politics and coexistence, members can get in contact and access to local decision makers more easily

  • Doing something good, enjoying being involved for others, experiencing recognition and personal development

  • Helping to shape a society based on solidarity and justice

Become a member

Simply fill out the online form and send it off. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Contact person:

  • Hans-Joachim Krain

    Hans-Joachim Krain
    Spokesperson of Central and Member Association

    Phone: 0221 57998-186