Together we are strong - the AWO District Association and its subsidiaries and affiliates

Our employees and clients are at the centre of our corporate policy.

The AWO Mittelrhein includes our AWO district association and our subsidiaries GesA, DSE and Der Sommerberg. Together we seek, promote and cultivate relationships with and to people. Whether children, young people, families or elderly people, whether average earners or socially disadvantaged people - we help with many questions with a competent answer. In the facilities of the district association and our subsidiaries and affiliates you will find a wide range of social services.

We have around 2,300 employees at 30 locations in all the main areas of social work. As a fair employer we go hand in hand with our full-time and voluntary employees.

As a modern social association and social enterprise, we place high demands on the quality of our work and are also measured by it.

Together we are there for you!