The AWO is a large association.
Many groups and clubs belong to one association.
AWO is an abbreviation.
The long word is workers' welfare.
We always say only AWO.

The AWO is a welfare association.
In Germany there are 6 welfare associations.
All of them offer help to people,
who need help.
Everywhere in Germany.
The AWO has existed since 1919.
So for over 100 years.
This is how long the AWO has been there for other people.

The AWO has many members.
They are women and men.
They support the AWO.
In the AWO many people also work voluntarily.
They want to help other people.
They don't get paid for that.

And the AWO has many employees.
They have their workplace at the AWO.
Together we help other people.
So that all people can live well.

For the AWO these things are very important:

People help each other:
Every person is important.
And we respect each person.
People are different.
Everyone should have the same opportunities.
Freedom and justice for every human being.

The AWO says:

Everyone should be able to live well in Germany.
People should stick together.
And everyone can participate in our society.
The AWO helps to ensure that we have a good country.

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