Jobs at the AWO

Many people work at AWO Mittelrhein.
There are more than 6,000 men and women.
They all have a good education.
They know everything about their work.
And they enjoy their work.

The AWO Mittelrhein is a large employer.
We have secure jobs.
There is a contract with us.
It says how much money you earn with us.
The contract is called:
North Rhine-Westphalia Workers' Welfare Association Collective Agreement.
We stick to the contract.

You can do training and apprenticeships with us.
And our employees do training.
There they learn new things for their work.

We support our employees
So that they stay healthy.
And so that they have enough time for work.
And for their families.

Would you like to work at AWO Mittelrhein?

Here are our job offers.

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