The AWO Mittelrhein

The AWO Mittelrhein has many members.
There are about 25,000 members.
They are men and women.
The members meet in small associations.
The small clubs are called local clubs:
There are 200 local clubs.

Many small AWO associations work together.
Together they are a district association.
Or a regional association.

Here are the addresses of the district associations.

AWO Mittelrhein has more than 600 facilities and services.
For example, nursing services.
Or advice centres.
Or residential homes.
More than 6,000 employees work there
and employees.
They have their workplace there.
Almost 3,000 people volunteer to help with the AWO.

The facilities and services
do a good job.
We keep checking.
There's a certificate for a job well done.

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