Well cared for even for a brief period - our short-term care

After a stay in hospital, if the semi-stationary care is not yet feasible or if home care has to be suspended: For all these cases, short-term care at an AWO senior citizens' centre is the best option.

From Aachen via Niederzier to Weilerswist: In the AWO facilities of our subsidiaries, AWO Gesellschaft für Altenhilfeeinrichtungen mbH (AWO GesA), you will find short-term care places throughout the district.

Entitlement to short-term care exists if the person in need of care has at least care level 2 in a sudden or planned transitional situation.

Who covers the costs?

The costs of short-term care are covered by the care insurance fund for up to eight weeks (56 days) per calendar year. We recommend that you discuss the exact benefits with your nursing care insurance fund provider prior to planning.

If you are looking for a short-term care place and need advice on how to organise moving into a care facility, you will find more information here and always a competent contact person:

GesA Website

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