Living together in diversity - accompanying individual development

“Kindergartens (..) are not only the gateway to education, they are also the gateway to our society, to self-development and community spirit, to professional success and civic responsibility.”

Johannes Rau

A look at the Child Education Act of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia reveals the independent educational mission of day-care facilities.

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Every child is unique. Children, younger and older, children of different religious, cultural and national backgrounds and their families need an offer that is tailored to their needs and fits them perfectly - where they live.

That is why every day care centre is different. With more than 200 daycare facilities and certified Family centres the AWO District Associations in Köln, Düren, in Siegburg, Heinsberg, in Engelskirchen und Aachen, the AWO Associations in Bergheim, die AWO-KiSA gUG in Eschweiler and Der Sommerberg AWO Betriebsgesellschaft mbH in Rösrath, Hürth and Niederzier, offer a diverse educational landscape.

In one thing all children are equal, they are children and need adults. Around 3,000 pedagogical staff are employed in the day-care centres of our legally independent member organisations to responsibly accompany the growing up and development of the children.

However, the demand for well-trained and qualified specialists is high and the job market is empty.

We go on the offensive! With specialist days, target-oriented campaigns and qualifications, we want to attract, retain and train skilled workers.

Supported by the federal programme language day-care centre "Because language is the key to the world" we strengthen language education in the AWO-Kitas. Our language day-care centres are available to public youth welfare organisations and other independent day-care facilities as competent contact partners for advice.