Social work is an indispensable component of social policy - the AWO, always politically involved.

"Our philosophy is "humanitarian action out of political responsibility"

Lotte Lemke

The district association, seven area associations, the regional association and about 180 local associations are the AWO on the Middle Rhine. The diversity of the people, the regional tasks, the local characteristics make us special. Together we are involved in the most diverse areas. Together we fight and fight for our goals - to help shape society and improve people's opportunities.

Striving for solidarity, freedom, tolerance, equality and justice is what drives us forward. This is what our volunteer members and our full-time employees are constantly striving for.

Die AWO Mittelrhein fördert, begleitet und unterstützt Menschen jeder Generation, Nationalität, Religion und jeden Geschlechts. Sie ist demokratisch und föderativ aufgebaut. Sie verbindet freiwilliges Engagement mit professionellen Dienstleistungen.

Since its foundation in 1919, the people of Arbeiterwohlfahrt have stood for cohesion. Our position is clear. We speak out clearly against racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and right-wing populist propaganda. Always and everywhere.

As the umbrella organisation of the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege NRW, the AWO is a supporting pillar of our democratic welfare state. We see ourselves as partners of politics, relying on our expertise and the impulses we give.

  • No children, no future!

    It must no longer be the case that children from less well-off households have difficulty in obtaining a higher educational qualification. Poverty and disadvantage must have no place in our prosperous society.

    We therefore advocate income-dependent basic child protection, which enables all children to have fair access to educational opportunities in accordance with their abilities and interests. It is important to us that this also supports the creation of equal conditions regardless of social background.

    In our day-care facilities and Open All-Day Schools we promote the self-determination of the children entrusted to us through our participatory work. We promote the understanding of democracy and the willingness to respect others as they are.

  • Growing old is something that concerns us all!

    The personal financial contribution to nursing care must not continue to increase. We are of the opinion that a tax subsidy has to be paid to the nursing care insurance funds to cover the growing costs of nursing care.

  • Fair pay is not a privilege, it is a right!

    The recent past has shown how valuable the work of our employees in care for the elderly, the disabled, youth welfare and also in day-care facilities for children is. Payment in social professions must reflect this importance!
    It is not true that working with money is worth more than working with people.
    We are committed to ensuring that people working in our and other social institutions are better paid. We believe that there must be binding collective agreements for those working in social work, which guarantee a sufficient and appropriate income.

  • Solidarity, a must for us!

    The AWO local associations care for the people in their neighbourhood and offer space for meeting. They counteract the loneliness of ageing people and are involved in local politics for the interests of the people there. Based on the idea of solidarity, they voluntarily support people seeking help with their various offers, they help in times of need.

  • Focus on people!

    We claim that our advice services always focus on the individual requirements of the person seeking the.. advice. This means that consultations are always open-ended. These offers are accessible to everyone.

    Our facilities, whether outpatient or inpatient, have the human being in focus. We respect the independence of our customers and residents and help them to remain independent.