Every commitment is welcome - voluntary work with the AWO am Mittelrhein

Whether old or young, experienced or inexperienced, AWO member or not: Get involved and join in!

People who volunteer are indispensable for the AWO. They help people to help themselves, get involved in socio-political issues and support the interests of socially disadvantaged people.

The possibilities to get involved in the AWO are manifold! Read to the children in our day-care centres, organise play afternoons or storytelling cafés for senior citizens or help people with escape experience in office corridors. Do you have your own ideas? Come to the AWO and implement them together with us.

You can get involved on site in the local AWO associations, with peers in the AWO youth centre or in individual projects. Commit yourself flexibly in terms of time, just as it suits you. We are happy about every helping hand.

If you are still unsure which commitment suits you best, simply do the volunteer check!

Volunteer check

In our database you will find all local clubs, member associations and institutions of the AWO at the Middle Rhine. Contact us directly and find out more about the possibilities of engagement on site.

AWO-Facilities database

We are also happy to help you personally: