Getting older with good care - our offers for senior citizens

Many older people have the desire to lead an independent and self-reliant life in old age. We support this with numerous offers for our senior citizens.

All one's life, one has stood on one's own feet, taken care of oneself and others and been there for everyone. So it goes without saying that the AWO is also there for senior citizens.

Those who need help and care in old age find support through our outpatient and mobile services and a new home in our inpatient facilities. One thing is particularly close to our hearts: the elderly should live as independently as possible - and receive as much support as they wish according to their individual needs.

In addition to inpatient facilities, we offer care services such as day care, short-term care, home care, assisted living and apartments for senior citizens. In our facilities and services, professionalism, quality and cordiality are of the utmost importance.

The colleagues of our subsidiary, the AWO Gesellschaft für Altenhilfeeinrichtungen (Society for Elderly Care Facilities) mbH, will be happy to advise you on all aspects of nursing and care:

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