Taking responsibility together

A just and open society needs good education for all.

Elias from Cologne, Azra from Heinsberg and Mila from Bonn - they do not have the same chances for a good, self-determined life in our society.

We want every child to be able to see and walk the path to a good future. We want to accompany and support parents in their educational responsibility. That is why we are committed to providing good care and educational opportunities that meet the needs of the children. We offer children, young people and families in their diversity of different life concepts and in challenging situations a wide range of support and assistance. Decide which offer is right for you.

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As part of its socio-political commitment, the AWO is committed to the rights of children and to improving the participation opportunities of young people.

As the umbrella organisation, we bring together people from local practice, from day-care centres, open day and youth work, from politics, administration and science and contribute to challenges and changes in the education system.