The District Association

The AWO can be found everywhere in Germany.
The district association AWO Mittelrhein is a part of the AWO.
The AWO Mittelrhein is in this area:
from Aachen to Gummersbach.
And from Heinsberg to Euskirchen in the Eifel.
There are big cities here.
And fields and forests.
Nearby is the country of Belgium.

The AWO Mittelrhein is there for all people:

For young and old people.
For people from other countries.
For people who believe in God.
For people with and without school-leaving qualifications.
Many people need help.
We help them.

We have many offers of help.
For example:

Care Services
Housing offers
Support offers

We'll take care of it there:

Children and teenagers
Families and elderly people
People with disabilities
People from other countries
Poor people
Sick people

We stand up for vulnerable people.
That's why we talk to politicians.

Would you like to know more about us?
Or would you like to contact us?

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