With both feet on a strong base - the AWO values

Based on our fundamental values of tolerance, freedom, equality, justice and solidarity, women and men have come together at the AWO as members and as volunteers and full-time employees.

They support our society in coping with social problems and tasks and are committed to a democratic, social constitutional state.

AWO Codex of Governance

AWO Bezirksverband Mittelrhein — Unterstützung zur Bewältigung sozialer Probleme.
Die AWO Mittelrhein fördert, begleitet und unterstützt Menschen jeder Generation, Nationalität, Religion und jeden Geschlechts. Sie ist demokratisch und föderativ aufgebaut. Sie verbindet freiwilliges Engagement mit professionellen Dienstleistungen.

Acting in accordance with a clear and transparent pattern - the AWO principles and our basic program

We work with the heart - but also in accordance with clear guidelines and mission statements. They are the basis for all actions in the field of workers' welfare. They characterise the goals, the understanding of our tasks and the methods of our work. The AWO defines its programmatic orientation with its basic programme.

Policy statement, short version

Policy statement, long version