Recognising and using opportunities - the Youth Migration Service of the AWO

Our specialist migration service accompanies young migrants and takes care of family matters.

Enlightenment, success and the feeling of having the same opportunities help especially young people to integrate into a new world of life. Interconnections such as school, training and work are hurdles that have to be overcome. However, at the same time they also offer opportunities for the future.

Our employees at the Youth Migration Service see themselves as mediators. They promote, advise and network in order to motivate and show new perspectives.

Our target groups:

  • Children, adolescents, young adults from the age of 12 until the age of 27 with a migration background. However, priority is given to working with young people who are no longer of school age.

  • Parents of children and adolescents with a migration background; the aim here is to strengthen their educational competence.

  • Employees, institutions and voluntary initiatives in social networks/communities, including the population in the young people's living environment.

Our offer and services:

  • Individual integration support by means of case management (individual integration plan, support, referral to other services and supplementary course work)

  • Group offers such as job application training, language training, introduction to IT

  • Initiating and promoting voluntary and civic engagement of young people with a migration background

  • counselling services for parents, especially in questions of education/training for their children

  • Networking and social space work (establishment and maintenance of support networks, identification of gaps in support and stimulation of support offers)

  • intercultural openness (representation of interests for the target group, promotion of intercultural dialogue)

The federal programme "Youth Migration Services" (JMD) has more than 400 youth social work centres for young people and young adults with a migration background in Germany. On average, about 80,000 young people are supported each year.

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