Always up to date - our event dates

What? Who? Who? When? When? Where? It's always busy at the AWO. So you won't miss anything, here's all the dates at a glance:


We all bear a special responsibility for ourselves and for other people. That is why we have cancelled all events due to the Corona pandemic.

Also our district conference planned for 06.06.2020 could not take place. When we have found a new date, we will announce it here.

As soon as we start again, you will find the most current dates here.

Stay healthy. And see you soon.

Review of our conferences and events:

Rechtsextremismus 24.07.2018

Fachtag Rechtsextremismus als pädagogische Herausforderung

Rechtsextremismus im Offenen Ganztag? Mit Rechtsextremen verbindet man gewaltbereite Erwachsene und deren Zugehörigkeit zu rechtsextremen Organisationen, Hooligans und Skinheads. Doch Rechtsextremismus beginnt nicht erst da, wo Menschen bedroht und verletzt werden.